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Fibre Extractor

Our clients can avail from us a wide range of Fiber Extractors which is widely used for separation of Fiber from Tea. Earlier, in earlier times, performing this process is really a big task. But, after years, experiments started with plastic pipe, on the theory of static electricity. An additional device was provided to electrocute such pipe. These pipes were shaped to Rollers, which move on different RPM.

In due course, these Rollers, designed using PVC pipes of higher diameter, moving on very slow speed, resulted to extract more fibers from bulk teas. This experiment practically stuck to a point of satisfaction and Tea Industry accepted the equipment appreciatively. Thus, this device named as Fiber Extractor.


  • The Roller is designed using PVC pipe of 310 mm out side diameter, move very slow and attracts Fiber to its surface from the Bulk Teas traveling on a tray in backward forward motion
  • The Fibers, thus, attracted magnetically, are scraped and are taken into chute to drop in one side of the machine, the clean teas drop from the front chute
  • To scrap the teas a felt is provided on one edge of the wooden Box (collector) which hangs on brackets in a style that the felt notches the total length of the roller with pressure, while scraping the fibers it generates the heat as well by friction. This helps PVC to attract more fibers
  • The total length of the tray is divided in 3 compartments having 1st part a blank dimples, whereas the second & the third, have wire meshes which deliver sorted teas, thus, two grades are available

A wooden frame with no.6 wire mesh and a chute is adjoined to the top of the feed hopper. The frame works as PRESORTER and separates balks, cakes and unwanted particles.


  • Greasing is necessary in 13 nos. bearing blocks every fortnight and oil lubrication in required on link chains
  • Felts described earlier, require replacement when turned out, generally once after six months if the machine works daily full time
  • The outer surface of PVC Rollers becomes scratched and generally fine grooved. It is a very slow process. In such circumstances the rollers should be placed on lathe and turned to level.



Power1.75 KW / 2HP
Capacity800 Kgs. / Hr.
Floor area2706 x 100 mm
Height1330 mm
R. P. M.200 for the tray & 19 of the PVC Roller
Models28” 4 Roller
69” 6,,
54" 6 ,,