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Workson Industries

Manufacturers & Exporters of Tea Processing Machinery



We offer a comprehensive range of Rotor Vanes which is designed using high quality raw material. These Rotor Vane Machines are ideal preconditioner for the present day requirement of the tea Industry. In order to improvise the performance of the machine, a great deal of developments have been made for its smoother and trouble free operations.

Technical Specifications

Cylinder It is completely made of stainless steel designed to withstand maximum pressure plus  the wear and tear
Base Plate Heavy, M.S. fabricated
Worm, Resistors & Vanes These are made from superior quality stainless steel material. Resistors are steel forged, free from casting flaws, with shining finish, whereas vanes are fabricated. Components of gun metal can also be provided in lieu of S.S
Irish Discharge Standard machines are fitted with Irish plates. Cone attachments can also be supplied on request
Geared Barrel Withdrawal For easy cleaning of the barrel, a gear mechanism operated by a hand wheel in incorporated
Rotor Shaft Made of alloy steel precision machined Standard shaft speed is about (35-38)   rpm, but this can be varied
Feed Hooper Made of Stainless Steel
Drives Though an 8” Centre Worm Reducer. Larger reducers can be supplied if required
Paintings Attractive two-tone, automotive finish after full anti rust pre-treatment
Models 8", 12" 15", 15.5" and 18" diameter, Models with pedestal mounting can also be supplied
Power Standard machines are designed for 15/20 HP. However, machines for higher power can also be supplied


  • Power: 20 HR 1440 rpm motor with starter. Heavier drive machines also available.
  • Speed of the Rotor Shaft: (35-38) rpm
  • Reducer Size: U 800 20:1 ratio
  • No. of Vanes: 10 Forwards & 1 Reverse
  • Floor Area: 3.5 m x 1.2 mx 1.04 m
  • Box Area: 2.9 m x 1.4 m x 1.2 m
  • Weight Nett. 1900 Kgs. Approx.
  • Gross: 2200 Kgs. approx.