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Workson Industries

Manufacturers & Exporters of Tea Processing Machinery

Tea Plant Design & Consulting

At Workson, we believe not just in supplying you with quality machinery, but also advising you on various aspects of a plant design. We have build a specialist reputation in Mini CTC Plants along with Major CTC Plants.

We intend to provide assistance and guidance, banking on our vast experience and resources, to help small growers and entrepreneurs build their own tea factories.

We provide consulting in the following areas:

1. Plant Layout

2. Machinery Location and Design

3. Output planning

4. Labour Requirement Planning

Plant Layout, Machinery Location and Design along with Output and Labour planning are critical to the success of Tea Factories. In today's age of cost optimisation and efficient operations, new firms and entrepreneurs cannot overlook the implications of cost overruns and cannot overstaff or understaff critical operational areas which are critical to producing quality Tea.

We shall provide our clients with scientific charts based on our vast experience to help complete Machinery Setup within a short period of only 22 days, with proper planning and execution.

Making Quality Tea depends on overall planning, organising, execution and control at various levels. If parameters Critical To Quality are taken care of from the start, your Tea would get you the best prices and your Factory would provide you high returns.

Proper Planning and Control are key to success, and we would be glad to be part of your success story. Fill in the inquiry form and we will get back.